This year's Yom HaShoah honors the memory of Jacques Fein and recounts his story of rescue as a child in France.

We look forward to displaying your artifacts and photographs. Please bring them with you to the Yom HaShoah service.


The Yom Hashoah serces will include a memorial list of nearly 300 names of relatives murdered in the Shoah or relatives who survived but have since passed away. There will be a video presentation of family photographs from before, during, or after the Shoah. Please bring your photographs for display to the Yom HaShoah service.


We will be showing artifacts of the Shoah period – photos, mementos, posters, clothing, etc, and look forward to displaying your artifacts and photographs. Please bring them with you to the Yom HaShoah service at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center by 6:30 pm.


Yom HaShoah 2017

View names and photos from last year's Yom HaShoah memorial service in Howard County.







Yom HaShoah in Howard County is supported by the Federation, the Howard County Board of Rabbis, and the general community.