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Social Worker

Our Jewish Community Social Worker works closely with community partners and organizations to provide financial, emotional, and social services assistance to those in need.

Psychology Patient

We work with the Howard County Board of Rabbis to meet the needs of congregants who require short-term counseling or one-on-one emotional support. Our social worker provides comprehensive direction for clients, many of whom suffer from mental health issues, severe emotional needs, or development disabilities.

Support Groups

JFHC, through its Jewish Community Social Worker, provides periodic therapeutic support groups on a range of topics. 

Support Groups may focus on bereavement, dealing with COVID-19, “sandwich generation” issues, abuse addiction, and other topics.

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

The Jewish Emergency Network (JEN), connects residents in need to  community resources and private professional assistance. JEN makes one-time payments to third-party vendors to cover specific financial needs like essential car repairs, medical bills, utility bills, etc. JEN also provides funds for food and essential supplies.

If you would like to speak to our Social Services Manager about any of our offerings, please email:

All communications are confidential.

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