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The Saval Family

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Please meet Sandy, Harry, and Logan (4, almost 5!) as our May Family of the Month. They live in Columbia and Logan attends Bet Yeladim Preschool. Harry is a Sergeant with the DC Fire Department and Sandy works as a Human Resources Business Partner. The Saval family loves PJ Library!

How did you hear about PJ Library? We were fortunate that my best friend from college has older children and was ready to pass on a bunch of books to us when our son was just a few months old. I don’t even think Logan was old enough to sign up yet, so we were patiently waiting!

What are your favorite PJ Library books? I recently spread out all our books and asked my son to pick his favorite. He immediately picked Man Gave Names to All the Animals. He has always loved animals! One of the special things we started was writing the names of the animals onto the book once we could identify one from the list in the back.

Why is PJ Library important in your home? PJ Library helps keep us connected to traditions and values with which we were raised. Aside from providing us with great stories to read on a monthly basis, some of the books also challenge us to teach ourselves and our son about our Jewish heritage and culture. We implement traditions more regularly than we may have otherwise. It keeps Judaism top of mind for him and for us and aligns well with the fantastic experience he’s had a Bet Yeladim for the past three years. We are grateful that PJ Library exists and that we’ve been able to enjoy the fantastic programming and books.

What is your favorite PJ Library program? I think Logan would likely say that Purim Palooza has been his favorite. What’s not to love about a carnival?

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Saval Family this month! If you'd like to be featured as an upcoming Family of the Month, send Allison an email.


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