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The Kleinman Family

Please meet our September PJ Library Family of the Month - The Kleiman Family! Marissa, Kevin, and Joey (2) live in Ellicott City and Joey has attended Shabbat Tots over the past year. Read below to find out more about them and their love of PJ Library!

How did you hear about PJ Library? Our niece and nephew participate in various PJ Library Programs and love it, so we decided to enroll our son, Joey, in Shabbat Tots. We are not originally from Maryland, and we were thrilled to find a Jewish program that allowed us to meet new people in our community and expose Joey to Judaism at a young age.

What is your family's favorite PJ Library book? We love reading all of the books that PJ Library mails to us each month! Currently, Joey's favorite is 3 Falafels in My Pita.

Why is PJ Library important in your home? Reading has a way of bringing our family closer together. These books allow us to introduce Joey to Jewish traditions, customs, and values early in life. It's important to us for Joey to learn about the holidays, and the books provide a fun and easy way to talk about them.

What is your favorite PJ Library program? We love Shabbat Tots! Joey really enjoys playing with friends, singing, and listening to stories. It's a great way for us to connect and meet other families in a relaxed setting.

What is your bedtime routine with your little ones? Every night we do bath, brush teeth, pajamas, and snuggle up to read a couple of books! After that, it's a lot of hugs, kisses, and lights out.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Kleiman Family! If you'd like to be featured as our Family of the Month, send Allison an email.


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