​Shlichut is an outreach program that brings shlichim (cultural emissaries) from Israel to live and work in Howard County. The shaliach works on behalf of the Federation, as well as with synagogues, preschools, religious schools, youth groups and other organizations, to create and promote Israel-related activities in Howard County.


Through a variety of events, the shaliach promotes increased connections and greater understanding of Israel and our Jewish heritage. The shaliach is charged with promoting a positive image of Israel, as well as infusing Israeli culture, history, politics and society into Howard County's community, both Jewish and non-Jewish.


I would like to introduce myself to you as the new Jewish Federation of Howard County shaliach to your wonderful community. My name is Shay Rubinstein, and I am 22 years old. Born in Jerusalem, I grew up in Tel Aviv. As a child, I liked to walk through Tel Aviv's boulevards. On weekends my family and I took trips all across Israel's landmarks.     

I have had a variety of leadership experiences. I was a member of the Israeli Scouts (Tzofim) for nine years, where I was a counselor for 5th – 11th graders. During my army service in the IDF, I was responsible, along with my teammates, for training more than 650 soldiers to operate advanced computer systems. I also organized an “educational Shabbat” for my trainees every month. 

Since I was a child, I have been interested in history, politics, and Israeli culture. In high school, I graduated from the two-year Young Ambassadors program of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As part of this program, I participated in delegations to London and Paris to represent Israel and strengthen the connection between Israel and global Jewish communities. I had the opportunity to meet members of these Jewish communities as well as French diplomats and other dignitaries. 


My experience meeting Jewish people around the world inspired me to become a shaliach. I believe we as Jews all share the same important values and belong to a Jewish peoplehood. I see my shlichut (time as an emissary) as a great opportunity to engage all ages of the community with Israeli culture, arts, and innovations.


At the same time, I see my shlichut as an opportunity for bidirectional communication. I wish to share with you my personal story of Israel and the diverse gifts that Israel has to offer. And I wish to learn from you about your community and its values. 


I invite you all to become more familiar with Israel and look forward to meeting you! 




Shay Rubinstein


Shay (pronounced "Shy") recently arrived to Howard County to be the new shaliach for our community.




  • Connect with Shay

    Meet our community's shaliach! Set up a time to meet with Shay or connect via phone. Email Shay at Shlichut@JewishHowardCounty.org.


The Shlichut program is in collaboration with our partner agency, The Jewish Agency for Israel.