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​Shlichut is an outreach program that brings shlichim (cultural emissaries) from Israel to live and work in Howard County. The shlicha works with the Federation, as well as with synagogues, preschools, religious schools, youth groups and other organizations, to create and promote Israel-related activities in Howard County.


Through a variety of events, the shlicha promotes increased connections and greater understanding of Israel and our Jewish heritage. The Shlicha is charged with promoting a positive image of Israel, as well as infusing Israeli culture, history, politics and society into Howard County's community, both Jewish and non-Jewish.


For more information, contact Hadar Shahar at hadar@jewishhowardcounty.org.



Our Shlicha Hadar Shahar

Coming to Howard County from Jerusalem, Hadar has completed her Army service and recently finished her degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Hebrew University with a focus on Contemporary Asian Studies. Prior to starting university, she spent five months traveling in East Asia. Hadar is actively involved in the women's rights group, Yerushalmiyot, at her university, which focuses on economic empowerment for women. She also works with Israeli non-profit, Hitorerrot, to support and assist small businesses in Jerusalem. In her free time, Hadar enjoys reading and watching movies. She also loves going on short hikes in the mountains and valleys surrounding Jerusaelm and exploring Israel's many beaches.

Hadar would love to come speak to your group! All you need to do is pick a date!

Contact Hadar at 410-730-4976 ext. 122 or hadar@jewishhowardcounty.org.

Friend Hadar on Facebook!

Friend Hadar on Facebook to keep up with her work in the community and all things Israel!

Friend Hadar on Facebook to keep up with her work in the community and all things Israel!​



The Shlichut program is in collaboration with our partner agency, The Jewish Agency for Israel.