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Jewish Holy Days for the Coming School Year

School has started again in Howard County, and some teachers and principals may need reminding that the High Holy Days are just around the corner.

As such, please take a moment to see this letter from the Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and the Howard County Board of Rabbis regarding Jewish holy days during the upcoming school year. Feel free to share it with teachers and administrators.

This information is important not only for those with children or grandchildren in our local schools, but also to alert you of our continued involvement with the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS).

Your Federation works closely with the HCPSS, and our JCRC and the Board of Rabbis are active members on a number of key HCPSS committees and task forces. We monitor the school system’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion – as well as instances of anti-Semitism – and we advocate for increased resources to ensure that our schools are welcoming spaces for every child. We meet with senior HCPSS officials and with members of the Board of Education, and they see us as valued partners.


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