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A Message from the Executive Director

I have had the distinct pleasure of serving as Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Howard County since June 2017. I have much to celebrate and many people to thank as I look back on these past four years.

No doubt, I am most grateful to all of our donors and supporters who make possible the important work of the Jewish Federation of Howard County. I have gotten to know many of you personally and am deeply thankful for your commitment to our community, Israel, and the Jewish People.

I also am indebted to our Board of Directors, current and past, with whom I worked so closely. Readers of this message should know that our community is truly blessed with outstanding and dedicated leaders who are committed to building a strong Jewish community here in Howard County and around the world.

Finally, it has been an utmost pleasure to work with a professional staff that is smart, passionate, hard-working, caring, and thoughtful. We are an extended family, we care about one another, and we support one another in the daily work that makes everything possible at the Federation.

Looking forward, our incoming Executive Director, Joel Frankel, will inherit this array of riches. I know all of you will help him during his transition and each of you will find a way to ensure that his tenure is one of growth and new successes for our community.


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