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Learn about the latest news in Israeli culture, entertainment, and politics Howard County’s new Shaliach, Stav Gottesgnade

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Israel, powered by you.

This program is made possible thanks to a sponsorship by Window Nation and the financial support of community members like you who contribute to the Jewish Federation of Howard County Annual Campaign.

Past Israel Cafe Recordings

Current Events in Israel

Jan 19, 2022

Catch up with the latest news from Israel. This session, Shay discusses Netanyahu's plea deal, Omicron, and the NSO scandal.

Israeli Art: Ofra Lapid & Ben Hagari

Dec 15, 2021

We will visit with Ofra Lapid and Ben Hagari in this special Israel Café. Ofra and Ben are well known Israeli artists who have lived in NYC since 2012. We will explore their artistic practice, research interests, and their part in the world of contemporary art.

Middle East Updates with Shay

Nov 17, 2021

Updates from the Middle East: Join Shay Rubinstein for a briefing session about current events and trends in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Gaza, and the UAE. Shay will analyze challenges and opportunities in the region and lead a Q & A session.

The New Israeli Government

Oct 20, 2021

Israel's New Government: Opportunities and Challenges - Israel’s Bennet-Lapid Government is unprecedented in the Israeli political arena. It combines parties from the right and left wings, making it unusual and challenging. Join Shay Rubinstein for a briefing session about the Bennet-Lapid government and its unique characteristics.

COVID-19 Updates with Assuta Ashdod Hospital

Sep 14, 2021

Join Shay Rubinstein as he welcomes Dr. Nadav Soreq, Head of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Lab at Israel’s Assuta Ashdod Hospital, for “Everything You Want to Know About COVID Variants and the Booster Vaccine in Israel.” Dr. Soreq's presentation will be followed by time for a Q&A.

How Do We Talk About Israel?

Jun 1, 2021

Talking about Israel is complicated! How can we distinguish between legitimate criticism and language that delegitimizes Israel? Learn some practical tools and resources to use while discussing Israeli politics and daily events. Join virtual shaliach Shay Rubinstein on Tuesday, June 1.

Update on the Violence in Israel

May 25, 2021

Join the Jewish Federation of Howard County’s Virtual Shaliach, Shay Rubinstein, live from Israel. Shay will discuss his personal experience as well as give an informative and insightful report about what is happening on the ground, in real time.

Prof. Amnon Rubinstein: The Story of Secular Jews

May 4, 2021

Prof. Amnon Rubinstein joins us to introduce his new book: "The Story of Secular Jews". The book examines the impact of the Holocaust and birth of Israel on Jewish identity in the largest Jewish communities in the world: Israel and the US, as well as communities that have contracted dramatically—in the former Soviet Union and across the Arab world. Rubinstein hopes to articulate a new model of Judaism: strong, pluralistic, and liberated from the diasporic tradition.

The 2021 Israeli Elections

Apr 6, 2021

Israel is voting (...again). Who won, exactly? Who has the best chance to form a coalition? Who might be included? Join Shay Rubinstein to learn about and discuss the results of the election.

COVID Vaccination w/ Dr. Brosh from Assuta Ashdod Hospital

Mar 2, 2021

Dr. Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Assuta Ashdod Hospital and a member of the Israeli National epidemic management team, presents the case to vaccinate. Learn how Israel is leading the world in vaccinating its population.

Israel Cafe Live from Israel

Nov 3, 2020

Join Shay as he continues to connect the Howard County community to Israel.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Israel

Feb 2, 2021

What makes Israel the world's leading country in COVID vaccinations? Join Shay Rubinstein to learn about Israel's unique health care system and how it has managed to distribute the vaccine so quickly.

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