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The Red Tent Club: What's Love Got to Do With It?

Dr. Bohne Silber -- a local psychologist and certified relationship therapist who practices couples therapy -- will discuss how relationships can change from butterflies and rainbows to something resembling a war zone.  She will look at how we end up with the partners we choose and ways to …

USHMM: Preserving and Accessing History

In twenty five years, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has reshaped the way the world remembers the Holocaust, securing the evidence of the unimaginable so that generations that follow may learn its lessons and be inspired by the memory of those who suffered and were lost. This year marks a…

Israel in Its 70th: Challenges & Opportunities

Look back on 70 years with Reuven Azar, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC. Hear about the challenges and opportunities the country currently faces as it moves into its 71st year. Program is free. Register.

Thursday, February 22, 7:00 PM
Temple Isaia


Purim Palooza & Kids Activity Expo

The 26th annual Purim Palooza & Kids Activity Expo is coming to Howard County! The Purim-themed carnival features photo novelties, airbrush hats and shirts, face painting, DJ Doug’s Simon Says, games, prizes, food, and more! FREE Entry! Tickets available for activities. Food is cash only. …

Zikaron BaSalon

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, join our community at Zikaron BaSalon (“Memories in the Living Room”), a tradition originating in Israel where family and friends gather to open their hearts to the stories of the survivors and commemorate this solemn day. We will meet at the h…