Sarah's Story

Before Sarah joined Federation-supported BBYO in Howard County, she didn’t know the impact it would have on her life. In 8th grade, she attended her first BBYO program and "fell in love." Through BBYO, Sarah has made many friends, learned more about Judaism, and learned more about herself. She has developed practical leadership skills and made wonderful memories. And now she's the leader of her BBYO chapter. 

Despite recently moving to a new neighborhood, switching schools, and receiving an ADHD diagnosis, at BBYO Sarah feels she has a safe space no matter what, with friends she can count on. She's even attended a BBYO camp during the summer in what she describes as "the best 12 days of your life." 

Sarah is thankful that Federation support allows Howard County to maintain three of its own local chapters--Hilah BBG, Max Cowan AZA, and Oseh Shalom--who share "a special bond that no one else in BBYO has." Thanks to the Federation, teens like Sarah have a place to develop into vibrant Jewish leaders, right in the heart of the community. 


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