Sabrina's Story

Though Sabrina Greene grew up in Howard County, she had been away for years at college and abroad when she returned to the area in her mid-20s. All her high school friends had left the area and she wasn't sure where she would find her social group. 

When a family friend told her about the Jewish Federation's Young Professionals group, led by the Federation's shaliach (Israeli emissary) Shay Rubinstein and Rachel Millstein, she finally found a group she could relate to and experience her Judaism with. At dinners, get-togethers, and Shabbat and holiday gatherings, Sabrina has developed a deeper connection with friends who share a common cultural background, experiences, and beliefs. "Meeting people my own age who are Jewish has helped me see Judaism in a new way, as something more relevant to people my own age," she says. 

Now Sabrina has found a community right in her home town, creating a life for herself she never thought she could have when she returned from abroad. "I really feel that I found a community through Federation."


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