Ellie's Story

This fall, high school senior Ellie Jacobson attended the Federation's Israel Campus Engagement Fellowship alongside 16 of her peers. Led by shaliach (Israeli emissary) Shay Rubinstein, the fellowship taught the teens communication and advocacy skills, as well as the history and context of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

Now Ellie feels empowered to combat anti-Semitism and effectively present her views when she attends college.

"Having an Israeli shaliach as our teacher and leader has been very beneficial because he has given us great insight into what it’s like living in Israel and why it’s so important to fight anti-Semitism," Ellie says. "And having my peers and other Jewish teens in the class is really cool because we are able to have different discussion about the different experiences we’ve had at our different schools and the different communities that we are in. It’s really awesome to make friends that I can relate to, and I’m really excited to bring all the skills I’m learning to a future college campus."


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