Allyson's Story

While Allyson Glassband herself grew up in a large, compact Jewish community, she knows that for her kids, seeing their Jewish friends and neighbors in one place is less common. That's why she is so appreciative of the Federation's community events and programs.  

"Federation is the glue that holds the Jewish community together," Allyson says. "What I like about the Federation activities is that they involve people from all different parts of my Jewish life. When I go to a community event, I see people that I work with, people that my kids went to preschool with, people that I know from different volunteering opportunities that I’ve had. It’s a way to bring the whole county together and the whole community together."

The best part about Federation events? Allyson's kids have been able to participate from a young age, and as they grow, they are able to attend new programs. While they first started out at the Federation's PJ Library programs, now they are invovled at events like Purim Palooza and programs like BBYO. And along the way, they are able to keep up with the friends that they've made. "As they get older, they see those same kinds of friends that they’ve grown with within the Jewish community, from Sunday School, and from preschool, and from these other events and experiences at Federation."


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