The RED TENT CLUB is a program for women by women, sponsored by the Women’s Division of the Jewish Federation of Howard County. As the central address for building and sustaining the Jewish community, the Federation relies entirely on your support for the delivery of services and assistance to Jews locally, nationally, and overseas.


RED TENT’s special programs are available to anyone who contributes at least $36 annually to the Federation. Your tax-deductible gift of $36 – or double chai, the Hebrew term for “life” – signifies your connection to our Howard County Jewish community and to the important and life-saving work that is made possible with your support. 

The Red Tent Club 2017-2018 Series


All events are held in Monteabaro Hall at Howard Community College

10901 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044

Light dinner at 6:00 pm

 Featured programs start at 7:00pm


Cost: $100 for all 3 sessions

For more information, contact Shauna at or 410-730-4976 x 118. .

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

KREPLACH & DIM SUM: Yes, There are Jews in China!

Robyn Helzner, renowned vocalist and storyteller, will share stories, photos, video, and music to explore the extraordinary history of the Jewish communities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kaifeng, and trace their emergence as the fastest growing Jewish region in the world.



Federation’s financial support of the Joint Distribution Committee helps the Jews in China? JDC also provides kosher meals to the elderly across Eastern Europe, feeds and clothes 2,000 hungry Jews in Uganda who are suffering from the current drought, and gives assistance on a daily basis to thousands of Jews around the world – all thanks to your support of the Federation. 

NOVEMBER 20, 2017

ESTEE LAUDER: The Legacy of an Industry Titan

Estee Lauder famously once said that “there are no homely women, just careless ones.” Barbara Blumberg will discuss this titan of the makeup industry and how she evolved to build a successful company and imbued her family with the Jewish value of giving back.




Estee Lauder believed strongly in supporting the Jewish community and Israel, and her sons and grandchildren are philanthropic leaders? The Lauder family is a model for the Jewish value known in Hebrew as “l’dor v’ dor” – from generation to generation – which is also one of Federation’s central values: to ensure continuity of our people and our Jewish traditions. 

MARCH 26, 2018


Dr. Bohne Silber, local psychologist and certified relationship therapist, will discuss how relationships can change from butterflies and rainbows to something resembling a war zone. She will look at how we ended up with the partners we chose and ways to manage conflict better so that we strengthen our relationships instead of tearing them down. This will be an interactive session with an opportunity to ask questions.



Jewish teachings are filled with the importance of developing meaningful and strong bonds between spouses and among families? One of them is the concept of “shalom bayit” –or harmony, good relations, and respect within the household – which is also Federation’s goal within our broader Jewish community in Howard County. 


Red Tent Committee

Robyn Gold, Adrienne Goldstein, Nancy Kutler, Hedy Tanenholtz

"Red Tent is a fun and inspiring night out. I look forward to this year's speakers."

Jill Lewis,

Pomegranate Donor and Red Tent participant

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