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The Lean Family

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Please meet our January PJ Library Family of the Month! Melissa, Andrew, Charlie (4), and Leni (2) live in Ellicott City. Charlie and Leni both attend Bet Yeladim Preschool. Melissa is a Clinical Psychologist and Practice Owner at Howard County Psychological Services. Andrew is a Sales Executive. Read below to find out more about them and their love of PJ Library!

Why is PJ Library important in your home? We're big holiday people. My mom always made holidays special growing up, and we try to do the same. Having special books, crafts, and activities from PJ Library helps add a little extra zest to each celebration. It also feels special to have our culture reflected in the books we have in our home because of PJ Library. It normalizes our children's identities in a society where they don't always see examples of their religion in mainstream media.

How has PJ Library influenced your family's Jewish living and decisions? PJ Library has helped our family build and foster a Jewish community in an area to which we were relatively new. We have established great relationships with other families with similar aged children. The benefits of this have spanned from seeing familiar faces while out running errands to having other families over for Hanukkah or Shabbat get togethers.

What was your favorite PJ Library program? Shabbat Tots! This program has been such a wonderful way for our children to have exposure to fun Jewish songs and customs while making other friends. Both of our girls have attended Shabbat Tots regularly prior to starting preschool, and it has undoubtedly made their transition to preschool an easier one. It's also been a great chance for us to socialize with other parents and learn about local events and resources. We have been so thankful to be able to continue attending Shabbat Tots virtually when our schedule allows!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Lean Family this month! If you'd like to be featured as an upcoming Family of the Month, send Allison an email.


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