The Weil Family

Get to know your PJ Library Program Associate, Allison Weil, and her family! Allison, Matt, Abigail (6), and Isabel (3) are our Family of the Month. Allison began working for PJ Library and the Jewish Federation of Howard County in February 2018. She handles all of your subscriptions and runs PJ Library programs, including the weekly Shabbat Tot playgroup. The Weils live in Laurel and have been a PJ family since Abigail was born. Read below to find out more about the Weils!

How did you hear about PJ Library?
We heard about PJ Library right after Abigail was born. We signed up right away and were thrilled when our first book arrived! We're very excited that Isabel will get her own books alongside Abigail in a few months. 
What is your family’s favorite PJ Library book?
We have so many favorites! Abigail loves Sky High Sukkah and our newest book, Hanukkah Bear. Isabel absolutely loves Goodnight Sh'ma. She has it memorized and often reads it to herself at bedtime. 
Why is PJ Library important in your home?
PJ Library books reinforce our family's traditions and holidays. In addition to celebrating the holidays and keeping kosher at home, both girls have learned about Judaism by attending Jewish preschool and religious school. PJ Library books build on that knowledge and allow us to share stories together. We have learned how different families celebrate the holidays and traditions around the world. The girls are also excited when they read about a family that does the same things we do! Having books that reflect our values is an important tool in raising children today. 
What is your favorite PJ Library program?
Abigail loves anything involving crafts. She had a blast during Good Deeds Day last year decorating flower pots for the residents at an assisted living home. She also loves the annual Challah Bake that PJ Library runs with Chabad. Isabel loved attending Shabbat Tots when she was younger. Allison currently runs Shabbat Tots and loves spending her Friday morning with our youngest readers. 
What is your bedtime routine with your little ones? 
After brushing teeth and putting on pajamas, we all sit together in our big green chair. Each girl selects a book for that evening’s story time. We read their books, sing the Shema together, and each girl heads to her room to be tucked in. After kisses and hugs, lights go off, but lamps go on! Both of our girls love to read in bed before falling asleep. We often have to tell Abigail when it’s getting late and to turn off her lamp to go to sleep. 
We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Weil Family! If you'd like to be featured as a PJ Family of the Month, email Allison Weil



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