The Solomon Family

Pictured L to R: Linda, Art, Ari (2), Haley, Lily (2 weeks old), and Joseph Solomon, Tony and Rosemary Kmush

This month we're featuring a very special PJ grandparent, Art Solomon, and his family! Art attends Shabbat Tots each week with his grandson Ari. He and his wife, Linda, live in Howard County, and currently have 3 grandchildren! Please read below to learn about the special bond Art has as a PJ "Poppi"! 

How did you hear about PJ Library? We heard about PJ Library through the Jewish Federation of Howard County. We have lived in Howard county for 30 years and been long time supporters of the Federation and their activities. 
What is your grandchildren’s favorite PJ Library book/CD?
Ari’s favorite book is Dinosaur On Shabbat. He also loves the Dinosaur song about the dinosaur that knocks on the door to share Shabbat. 
Why is PJ Library important in your home/your grandchildren’s home? PJ Library books and activities reinforce the Jewish identity that we try to instill in our grandchildren. The subtle reading of the books helps to reinforce our Jewish identity. Joe and Haley (Ari's parents) say that Ari asks to see the YouTube video of the Bim Bom song every day. Ari also wants us to sing Bim Bom all the time. 
How has PJ Library influenced your children’s Jewish living and decisions? I have been making challahs weekly with Ari. Attending PJ Library Shabbat programs has reinforced the Shabbat rituals. At first, Ari was shy at the program, but now he rushes to pick out the Shabbat items! At home, he covers his eyes as we light the candles and cannot wait to eat the challah. 
What is/was your favorite PJ Library program? Our favorite program is Shabbat Tots on Fridays. Due to scheduling, it is difficult for us to get to the other programs that are scheduled during the week. 
What is the best part about being a grandparent? Have you seen the smile on my face each week? Everything about being a grandparent is wonderful. It's hearing Ari say he wants to go to Bubbe and Poppi’s house to getting a great greeting when he sees us. It all makes your heart melt. 
Thank you so much to Art Solomon and the Solomon family for sharing their love of PJ Library! If you'd like to be featured as PJ Library's Family of the Month, email Allison Weil at


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