The Smulson Family

Jill, Jason, Elliott (3, almost 4!), and Sloane (2) love PJ Library! Jill is on our PJ Library Parent Committee. Elliott and Sloane both attend Gan Israel Preschool. Read below to find out more about them!

What is your family's favorite PJ Library book?
The two favorites in our house are I Love Camp and Ella's Trip to Israel. My husband went to Jewish sleepaway camp and is still very much involved. The kids love visiting camp a few times a year. The book is also very colorful. Ella’s Trip to Israel is a part of Sloane’s bedtime routine. She loves pointing out all of the things Ella sees on her trip.  

What is your favorite PJ Library program?
A few years ago, I took Elliott to a Hanukkah in Pajamas sing-along with a puppet show. He was a little too young to participate much and didn’t want to stay seated, but I saw the future potential. I love sing-alongs and interactive programming where the kids can do things instead of just watching a program.

Why is PJ Library important in your home?
We read the books together as they arrive. It helps me explain the holidays and traditions in a way they can understand. We continue traditions from both my husband’s family and mine. We’ve also added some new traditions that we find in the books as well.

What is your bedtime routine like?
My husband and I divide and conquer. After I help them with bath, washing up, and brushing their teeth, my husband gets Elliott in his pajamas and they read books together. I get Sloane’s pajamas on and we read three books together. Lately, the books have been rotating as she is into princess stories, but a bedtime favorite is Ella’s Trip to Israel.

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