The Singer Family

Donny, Randi, Logan (8), and Eliza (7) are excited to share their love of PJ Library. They have been receiving books for years! Logan chooses his own books through PJ Our Way each month and Eliza is receiving her last year of PJ Library books. Randi is also on our PJ Our Way Parent Committee. 

How did you hear about PJ Library? We heard about PJ Library when our children started at Bet Yeladim. Many of our friends had been active, and we thought it would be a great avenue to build relationships.

What is your family’s favorite PJ Library selection? Logan’s favorite book is The Magic Pomegranate. He likes it because the pomegranate saves the Princess' life with a pomegranate seed.

Why is PJ Library important in your home? PJ Library brings us together more as a family. My children, Logan and Eliza, get excited when the blue and white envelope arrives. We read the stories and talk about how we connect to them.
How has PJ Library influenced your family’s Jewish living and decisions? PJ Library has helped build our community of Jewish life. We have also been involved in many of the activities with families that we know and love opportunities to meet new families.
What has been your favorite PJ Library program? We have been to so many PJ Library programs throughout the years! Logan’s favorite program was when we went to the Trolley Museum in Silver Spring. The children enjoyed hearing a story read by the author and getting to see all of the trains. 

What is your bedtime routine with your little ones? Our bedtime routine starts with saying one happy thing. We watch a little TV, read together, and say good-night. 

Thank you to the Singer family for sharing your love of PJ Library!


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