The Kessler Family

Rachel, Marc, Hadas (7), Judah (5), and Nathan (3) live in Columbia and love PJ Library! They are excited to be PJ Library's Family of the Month. 

How did you hear about PJ Library?
Rachel’s mom used to work for PJ Library, so we’ve been aware of the program for a long time. We were so excited when PJ Library came to Howard County and signed up right away. Our first book (Dayenu!) came when Hadas was just a few months old. This past month, all of our kids got their own book for the first time. Our boys were so excited to have their own envelopes to open, instead of having to share with their sister! 

What is your bedtime routine like?
Every night the kids get washed and brush their teeth while listening to Chompers. After putting on their PJs, we get to snuggle up and read a bedtime book, often a PJ Library selection! After a busy day, there is no better way to wind down and get ready for bed. 

What is your favorite PJ Library program?
The kids were so excited to see PJ Library at Hands on Hanukkah this year, and loved getting to make their own Hanukkah candles. We also love going apple picking with PJ Library in the fall. Then we use the apples to make lots of delicious Rosh Hashanah treats!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know the Kessler Family! If you'd like to be featured as our Family of the Month, email Allison


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