The Bross Family

We are so excited to have Genna, Josh, Max (3), and Ariana (1) as our PJ Library Family of the Month! Genna is on our PJ Library Parent Committee as well as our Jew Year's Eve Committee. Josh and Genna have both participated in Federation's jLEADS leadership program, as well as served on our oxyGEN (now NextGen) Committee. The Bross family lives in Maple Lawn, and they love receiving their PJ Library books in the mail each month.

What is your family’s favorite PJ Library selection?  
It's hard to pick just one! Ariana's favorite book is Welcome Song For Baby. She picks it up, sits down in our lap, and hands it to us to read. It's very cute! Max loves My First Shabbat Board Book and Good Night Israel. Josh and I enjoy reading Good Night Israel as it reminds us of our recent Israel trip and allows us to show images of our favorite places and share those memories with the kids.  

Why is PJ Library important in your home?
We look forward to our PJ Library book deliveries as each book selection fosters discussions about Jewish tradition, holidays, and values in our home - in a fun way! The imagery gives our children a visual understanding of what we are discussing. PJ Library books can be found in all areas of our home, including the kids' bedrooms. They have become part of our night time routine! 

Thank you Genna and Josh for sharing your love of PJ Library! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming PJ Library newsletter as our Family of the Month, send Allison an email at


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