The Bentov Family

Find out more about the Bentov family! Becca & Noam Bentov and their children, Lily (16 months) and Eitan (2.5 years old), live in Columbia.
How did you hear about PJ Library? 
I'm honestly not sure how we originally heard about PJ Library, but I do know it was one of the first "to-dos" after we had our children. I remember eagerly signing Eitan up when he was just days old, and then adding Lily to our family profile after she was born. What we didn't realize was that PJ Library was more than just books, and that it would introduce us to other Jewish family events as well.  
What is your family's favorite PJ Library selection? 
We love Dinosaur Goes to Israel! Aba (Dad) Noam is originally from Israel and his family still lives there, so we love that the dinosaur is visiting his cousins and traveling through the country. We talk a lot about the dinosaur visiting our family and about our trips to Israel. Laila Tov is also a family favorite. Eitan used to love hearing that book before bed and now it has made its way to Lily's room for nightly reading. Often, we call the book "Boker Tov" (which means "good morning") as it's a morning must-read as well!  
Why is PJ Library important in your home? 
We look forward to receiving our PJ Library gifts in the mail! Eitan will clutch the envelope and exclaim that he got a new book! Everyone snuggles together to read it right away. I find that we're often reading about holidays year-round, despite my efforts to put books away and take them out seasonally.  
How has PJ Library influenced your family's Jewish living and decisions?
Reading the PJ Library books have added a new level of vocabulary into our home. We can talk about holidays and traditions, and then refer back to a story we frequently read. For example, Eitan loves that Rosie and her bird friends make challah, just like he does with his Grandma. 
What is your bedtime routine with your little ones? 
Each night at bedtime we read several books, sing a song, and tell a couple of family stories. Eitan loves stories about his cousins. We say our "good-nights" and "I love you's" in English and in Hebrew. 
Thank you to Becca, Noam, Eitan, and Lily for sharing your love of PJ Library and for being our first PJ Library Family of the Month! If you would like your family to be featured, please email Allison.


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