June PJ Family of the Month

Kate Benjamin, Jonathan Weiner, and their family, Samara (11), Leo (8), and Alice (6), have been enjoying PJ Library for over a decade! All three children have enjoyed getting books in the mail. Alice loves receiving her own PJ Library book each month. Samara and Leo are part of PJ Our Way and have been receiving Jewish chapter books each month! 
What is your family's favorite PJ Library/PJ Our Way book?
We still listen to one of the first CDs we received featuring a fun tune to the colors in Hebrew. “What’s your favorite color of the rainbow? My favorite color is kachol (blue)!” Our youngest daughter, Alice, loves Koala Challah! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we love getting the kids excited about the upcoming holidays through PJ Library books.  
Our son Leo is an avid reader, and we typically go to the public library on a weekly basis. It’s great to have PJ Library Jewish themed books in our home, because we don’t see a selection like this at the library. It’s nice that he can read a book about a holiday, discuss the holidays at home, and also have it reinforced again at religious school. 
Why is Jewish camping important to you and your family? 
When choosing a sleep away camp for our eldest daughter, Samara, we knew we wanted a Jewish camp and were lucky to find one that also emphasized a healthy lifestyle, which is an important part of our lives. Samara's camp focuses on joyful Judaism, an active lifestyle, and wholesome, healthy foods. Samara loves the amazing activities like circus, dance, lake activities, and culinary arts. Our daughter loves to cook and bake whenever she can, so we felt so fortunate to have found a camp which checked off all of her boxes, including an emphasis on kindness in the community (gemilut chasadim). 
What is Samara’s favorite part of attending a Jewish overnight camp?
One of Samara’s favorite parts about camp is “Shabbaptions” (Shabbat options), which are relaxing activities to do on Shabbat. She can choose from yoga, hiking, or prayer. She appreciates this down time after a busy week of fun-filled activities. 
What was your favorite PJ Library program?
We enjoyed Shabbat Tots when Alice was in preschool and miss it now that she is in kindergarten!
A huge thank you goes to Kate, Jonathan, and their children for sharing their love of PJ Library! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming PJ Library newsletter as our Family of the Month, send Allison an email at AWeil@JewishHowardCounty.org


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