PJ Library Family of the Month

Meet families like yours who are sharing their Jewish heritage with their children through PJ Library books and resources!

The Solomon Family

Pictured L to R: Linda, Art, Ari (2), Haley, Lily (2 weeks old), and Joseph Solomon, Tony and Rosemary Kmush

This month we're featuring a very special PJ grandparent, Art Solomon, and his family! Art attends Shabbat Tots each week with his grandson Ari. He and his wife, Linda, live in Ho…

The Nunez Family

Alex, Liza, Michael (4), and Emily (2) are proud members of PJ Library in Howard County! Find out more about this special family.

What is your family’s favorite PJ Library selection? Michael received My Jewish Colors when he was a baby and both of our children have loved it over the years…

The Jacobs Family

Danny, Michelle, Harper (3), and Logan (5 months) Jacobs live in Ellicott City, MD and love receiving PJ Library books each month.

How did you hear about PJ Library? We initially heard about it from friends with kids. They told us about the opportunity to receive a book in the mail every mo…

The Glicksman Family

Michael, Shayna, Gabrielle (5), and Amanda (2) love PJ Library! They have been PJ Library subscribers since Gabrielle was a baby. Shayna is on our PJ Library Parent Committee.

How did you hear about PJ Library? A friend told me about PJ Library when we were on a play date. 

What is your f…

The Singer Family

Donny, Randi, Logan (8), and Eliza (7) are excited to share their love of PJ Library. They have been receiving books for years! Logan chooses his own books through PJ Our Way each month and Eliza is receiving her last year of PJ Library books. Randi is also on our PJ Our Way Parent Committee…