PJ Library Family of the Month

Meet families like yours who are sharing their Jewish heritage with their children through PJ Library books and resources!

The Singer Family

Donny, Randi, Logan (8), and Eliza (7) are excited to share their love of PJ Library. They have been receiving books for years! Logan chooses his own books through PJ Our Way each month and Eliza is receiving her last year of PJ Library books. Randi is also on our PJ Our Way Parent Committee…

The Feldman Family

Matt, Becca, Lily (4), and Jacob (2) have been members of PJ Library in Howard County for many years. They are thrilled to share their love of PJ Library with our community. Becca is also on our PJ Library Parent Committee. 

How did you hear about PJ Library? I’m not sure when we first h…