2020-2021 Board of Directors


We value our board members, who give generously of their time and resources to serve the Jewish community of Howard County and help the Federation to achieve its mission.


July 2020

When I started my term as president of the Federation, I could have never imagined the crises we would be facing as a community and as an organization. This past year has been a challenging one for the Federation, as well as for the world around us. We have seen a pandemic affect the lives of those in our community, in our country and around the world. I was personally faced with the loss of two members of my extended family and for the first time in my professional life, the uncertainty of when I would be able to work again safely and provide for my family.

However, with every challenge I have found that I am truly amazed at how well we come together as a community to overcome. During these times, I could not have been prouder of how collectively the staff, volunteers and members of the Jewish Federation of Howard County stepped up to provide support and services for those in need. Thank you to all our board members, volunteers and staff who made calls to all our community members just to check in and make sure they were OK so we could provide resources for those in need. Thank you to our clergy and chaplains in the community who gave extra time and provided special online opportunities for spiritual counseling. Thank you to our staff who quickly adapted and reimagined the way we deliver services and programs to our community.  And a special thank you to all of you who donated to our COVID emergency fund, which allowed Michalah and our FEDTOV volunteers to do things like shop, make food, and provide home supply deliveries for seniors, those who are sick, or anyone who is immunocompromised, as well as provide masks for those in senior centers and deliver Passover foods to those who were alone and homebound so that they could celebrate this year. It truly is amazing what we can accomplish together.


As we continue to move forward into next year there is still a lot of uncertainty. Many businesses are opening back up and we are starting to be able to see people again, whether outside in small groups or even to catch up over a cup of coffee. However, the threat of COVID is still there.  We are in a time of civil unrest as there have been spikes in despicable acts throughout our country. Together as a Federation, through the activism of our JCRC and our important social services programs and volunteers, we will continue to work together to help those in need and repair the world through Tikun Olam.


I look forward to serving as my second year as president and am proud to be part of such a powerful Jewish community.





Officers 2020-2021

Rachael Simon -- President

Jeffrey Gold -- Vice President -- Finance

Elliot Shefrin -- Vice President -- Operations & Treasurer

Hedy E. Tanenholtz -- Vice President -- Programming

Hal Kassoff -- Secretary

Beth Millstein -- Immediate Past President

Ralph Grunewald -- Executive Director


Brian Avrunin

Chuck Koplik

Laura Salganik

Betsy Singer Marcus

Richard Wasserkrug

Rabbi Gordon Fuller, Howard County Board of Rabbis


Past Presidents

Roy Appletree

Fred Berko

Toby Brookes

Rob Cahn

Marty Chaitovitz*

Jacques Fein*

Howard Feldmesser

Brenda Fishbein

Jean Friedberg

Richard Goldberg

Ken Goodman

Toby Knopf

Pearl Laufer

Ruth Naftaly

Gordon Novinsky

Gary Perolman

Jacques Pessin*

Siegfried Rowe*

Richard B. Schreibstein

Joseph Snyder*

Ellen Strichartz

Daly Temchine

Irving Tranen

Jerome Weinstein


* deceased