Giving Back = Paying It Forward

Every spring, I am awestruck by the power of nature and renewal.  Like the bulb we so lovingly plant in the fall that pushes through the early spring frost to bloom year after year, our actions today impact the future.  This powerful idea–that we can change the future through today’s actions–applies beyond our physical surroundings.

One of the Federation’s core values is Tikkun Olam.  Often loosely translated as “repairing the world,” Tikkun Olam is a call to action that inspires many within our community. The actions we take as Jews to repair the world through Tzedakah and G’milut Hasadim (acts of kindness) pave the way for the future.  On April 15, the Jewish Federation of Howard County is offering everyone the chance to practice a little Tikkun Olam through one of our Good Deeds Day volunteer activities.  There are a variety of opportunities, ranging from such truly lifesaving activities as giving blood to creating comfort cases for children in foster care, helping seniors “shop” in the local food pantry, assisting with playground maintenance and classroom painting for a religious school, and more.

Helping those in need, no matter in what capacity, is crucial and holy work.  Much of what we experience today, both in our physical and communal space, is due to the acts of Tikkun Olam from generations before us.  It is our responsibility to continue this work and pay it forward for future generations by giving back today.  Your continued support, through financial donations, your time, or your expertise, helps us preserve what we have today and build a stronger Jewish future for Howard County.



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