It Takes a Village

One month into the school year and I am adjusting to the busy schedule of work, my children’s activities and my new role as President of the Federation.  For many of you who also have much to juggle,  you understand that it truly takes a village to make everything work. I would not be able to manage my busy schedule without the help of the community of friends my family has been lucky enough to meet and count on.

The same is true for the Federation of Howard County. When we come together, we can accomplish amazing things and create a sense of belonging and caring for one another. We certainly would never be able to do all we do for our community without the help of our volunteers and generous donors. That's why are so excited to celebrate them and you at our Fed Live gala next month. This year’s Fed Live brings the laughs with comedian Joel Chasnoff. We are looking forward to a great evening of festivities and fun, and I can’t wait to see you there. 

Federation offers an opportunity for us to care. We are very lucky to have an active and engaging Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). Our JCRC has spent this past year identifying and responding to important issues facing Howard County.  They have already made a difference influencing the Howard County Public School System’s response to anti-Semitism and bullying, encouraging some curriculum changes, and preserving the observance of the High Holy days in the school calendar, as well as most recently helping ensure there were no public hearings scheduled during those times. 

Thank you to everyone in our community who makes the Jewish Federation of Howard County so special. I look forward to a great year of sharing meaningful Jewish moments as a community.