Howard County Council Presents Federation with Honorary Resolution

In honor of Howard County's Israel at 70 Festival, the Howard County Council presented the Jewish Federation of Howard County with an honorary resolution congratulating the Federation on its celebration. Council members Calvin Ball and Jon Weinstein presented the resolution at the festival on May 6, which over 300 people attended. 

The resolution reads:
Honorary Resolution
Israel at 70 Festival
Jewish Federation of Howard County

WHEREAS, Founded in 1948 as the State of Israel, Jews from around the world will take part in celebrating the "Promised Land," including the Jewish Federation of Howard County and their biggest community-wide festival of the year; and

WHEREAS, Israel's 70th birthday in Howard County will feature live performances from musicians and dance troupes, an official ceremony in honor of the big day, Israel food, crafts, Israeli beer and wine tasting, and an army training obstacle course; and

WHEREAS, The Jewish Federation of Howard County is a dynamic, integrating resource for all Jewish organizations in Howard County whose mission is to support and serve the Howard County Jewish community, the State of Israel, and Jews throughout the world;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED on this 6th day of May, 2018, that the County Council of Howard County, Maryland, congratulates the Jewish Federation of Howard County on the celebration of Israel's 70th birthday and commends all of the dedicated staff and volunteers for maintaining a vibrant Jewish community in Howard County. 

Mary Kay Sigaty, Chairperson

Calvin Ball, Vice Chairperson

Greg Fox, Council Member

Jennifer Terrasa, Council Member

Jon Weinstein, Council Member


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