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Community Update 9: The Numbers Tell The Story

“Where does my money go?” is a question I often hear. Readers of my Community Updates and our monthly FEDConnect e-newsletter by now appreciate the wide variety of activities and programs the Jewish Federation of Howard County plans and sponsors every year. These programs are possible …

Community Update 8: Who Are We?

From the Desk of Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

Who are we? What are the demographics of the Howard County Jewish community? How has the Jewish community changed over the past 10 years?  We plan to uncover the answers with a new community study, which you may be asked to participate …

Community Update 7: Our Advocacy in Annapolis

From the Desk of Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

Each year on Maryland Jewish Advocacy Day, Jewish leaders from across the state spend a day in Annapolis meeting with their state representatives. They are there to advocate or oppose bills introduced in the Senate and House of Delegates …

Community Update6: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

From the Desk of Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

Readers may recall my June 2018 “Community Update,” in which I upbraided the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS). I cited the laggard response to several troubling anti-Semitic incidents in a county middle school, where a stude…

Community Update 5: Behind Closed Doors, Jews are Suffering in HoCo

From the Desk of Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

Howard County is a great place to live. But there are too many Jewish residents living behind closed doors who need our help. Here are just a few such examples that recently came to my attention:

  • An elderly man whose apartment is conde…