Why Community?

At Passover, our tradition is to ask "why." Why do we eat certain foods and not others, why do we dip vegetables, why do we sit a certain way? At my seder table, I also like to ask my guests "why community" - why do we as a Jewish people put such a high value on the idea of kehilah, togetherness?

For me, it’s the idea of kol Yisroel. There is something I find extremely powerful in knowing I am just a small part of a greater whole, a people who have existed for thousands of years, and have not just survived by thrived. The reason I do what I do, working in the Jewish community, is because it gives me the opportunity to inspire others to help continue the unbroken chain of Jewish existence. I want to continue to link together the traditions of our past, with the hope for our future. I want to provide a helping hand to those who reach out to Federation when they have hit a bump in the road. I want to ensure that our Jewish family in Israel, living under ongoing threats from their neighbors, has the resources they need whenever there is a crisis.

You have your own reason for why you are part of our Federation family, as a donor, a volunteer, a community member. I'd love to hear your answer!

Chag sameach to you and your family!




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