Taking Part

Looking at my holiday table always gives me such joy – the glistening honey, bright red apples, a fresh round challah warm from my oven, my good china (yes, I actually use it!), and enough Shabbat/Yom Tov candles for any guest who wishes to light them. This last tradition of having many candles, instead of just one set, I took from a friend. I love it because it makes people feel part of the experience; it engages them in the mitzvah rather than simply being an observer.

It strikes me that this table is a metaphor for fall at the Federation. We have many programs and events, something for really everyone from now through December. This was carefully planned so that every member of our community is made to feel part of a “Jew-ish” experience. From The Great Big Challah Bake, to business networking, to Tots and Tales, to hands-on volunteering, there is something for all ages and levels of involvement.

Our goal is to draw people together as participants in their Jewish community, AND to give people the honor of performing the mitzvah of tzedakah. I love this aspect of my role as Executive Director. In no other profession would I have the opportunity to inspire people every day to help Federation do the incredible work of building a better Jewish future. Just as I offer the opportunity to be part of the mitzvah at my holiday table in my home, I offer you, my community, the opportunity take part in the mitzvah of tzedakah in Jewish Howard County.


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