Making Miracles

Chanukah represents something different to everyone, depending on your perspective. Some scholars view it as a military victory, while others see it as a story of G-d’s deliverance. My husband sees it as an excuse to pig out on latkes, while my children see it as a time to give and receive gifts. I view Chanukah as a time to reflect on miracles.

The miracle of the oil is an amazing story and makes Chanukah a holiday that reminds us how we can do incredible things even with limited resources. As a growing Jewish community, our Federation is faced with this challenge every year. As December turns to January, we must start to look at our financial resources and decide which miracles to perform in the year to come. We are committed to continuing to build a better Jewish future through life saving services at home, in Israel and around the world. Federation miraculously rescues Jews in Ukraine, and other parts of the world where they live in fear of war and suffer from poverty, and resettles them in Israel. Through PJ Library, a book miraculously appears in the mailboxes of hundreds of children in Howard County, building a Jewish generation for tomorrow. And through the comfort of Jewish hospice, families can find the miracle of comfort and peace during end-of-life stages of loved ones. We do extraordinary things, and it’s hard to choose which miracles to perform. This is why we need your help.

Federation helps perform modern miracles every day. CLICK HERE to donate to the Annual Campaign and help make miracles happen! 


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