Keeping Promises

We have promises to keep – big, audacious promises. We promise those who struggle that we will help them, we promise seniors that we will keep them active, we promise children that they will have a Jewish education no matter the cost, we promise new Israeli immigrants that we will help them assimilate in their new country, and we promise you—our community—that we will work our hardest to keep all these promises. The Annual Campaign closes June 30, and we can’t keep our promises without your donation, your pledge, your promise to build a better Jewish future.

You may look at all the wonderful programs we have and events we sponsor throughout the year and think we no longer need your support. Nothing is further from the truth. We need your support for the things you DON’T see. There are people facing crises you can’t possibly imagine and families trying to support the high price of religious school and Jewish preschool even with two incomes. We have seniors who don’t leave their homes and look forward to the pastoral care and concern of chaplaincy services.

You may receive a letter or a call over the next few weeks. Please answer with an increased donation to support all of our promises. You can pledge now, then pay in November/December when you make your other charitable contributions. Your pledge today helps build a better Jewish future tomorrow!


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