Hello Howard County

Hello Howard County
By Gal Perlmoter

Hi! My name is Gal and I am the 2013-2014 Shlicha (emissary). I am from Menachcamia, a small colony in the Jordan Valley.

During High School, I was a member of the “Noar Ahoved Valomed” youth movement for four years, and lead groups in ages 9-18. As part of being in the movement I planned trips around Israel, events, workshops, seminars and volunteering events.

In addition, I volunteered in Magen David Adom, Acted in Jordan Valley Theatre for two years and performed throughout Israel, sang with the "Pa'amon" Choir and also danced hip hop and jazz at the Dance Center of the Jordan Valley.

I served in the Air Force as a simulation instructor for three years, teaching officers in many ranks, and giving frontal lessons and lectures. After I finished serving, The Jewish agency and the Israeli army sent me to a Jewish summer camp in Hillside New Jersey for three months to teach about Israel.

I am very patriotic about Israel and am excited to pass on to Howard County my knowledge and positive point of view about Israel!


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Gal is a wonderful addition to our community. She is full of life and enthusiasm for Israel. Hoco is lucky to have her.