From the Executive Director's Desk

Updates from Executive Director Ralph Grunewald.

Jewish Holy Days for the Coming School Year

School has started again in Howard County, and some teachers and principals may need reminding that the High Holy Days are just around the corner.

As such, please take a moment to see this letter from the Federation’s Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and the Howard County Board o…

Federation Update on COVID-19 Response

Update March 16:

Our office is now closed until further notice. However, our staff continues to work and be available via email, and remains committed to providing programs and services whenever possible. Please note the following updates:
* We have opened a special COVID-19 Emerge…

Community Update 10: Help Federation Save a Life

By Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

At this time of year – when Jews are about to enter the Days of Awe (in Hebrew, Yamim Noraim) – we engage in introspection about the year gone by, we consider our sins and misdeeds of the prior year, we ask for repentance, and we commit to acting b…

Community Update 9: The Numbers Tell The Story

“Where does my money go?” is a question I often hear. Readers of my Community Updates and our monthly FEDConnect e-newsletter by now appreciate the wide variety of activities and programs the Jewish Federation of Howard County plans and sponsors every year. These programs are possible …

Community Update 8: Who Are We?

From the Desk of Ralph Grunewald, Executive Director

Who are we? What are the demographics of the Howard County Jewish community? How has the Jewish community changed over the past 10 years?  We plan to uncover the answers with a new community study, which you may be asked to participate …