29 2021

The Spirituality of Tractate Berachot (Blessings)

7:30PM - 9:00PM  


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The first tractate of the Talmud is a rich and complex introduction to the larger world of the Talmud itself. It is rich in both halachic (legal) and aggadic (narrative) material, and the two work together to showcase the way the rabbinic mind works. The narrative passages of the Talmud lay a foundation to understand the yearning spiritual search of the rabbis for God and the Divine, which is then expressed through the legal material.

Over the eight weeks of the class on tractate berachot, we will be examining eight sugiyot (sections) which will explore the spiritual search of the rabbinic mind in the context of their time and ours. We will touch on themes of prayer, the theology of suffering, blessings (which are different than prayer), God's yearning for connection with humanity, and more.

Instructor: Rabbi Alana Suskin

Eight Thursday Evenings
7:30 - 9 PM EDT
April 29 - June 17

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Sponsor: Haberman Institute of Jewish Studies