5 2013

The Dead Sea Scrolls-THeir Relevance to Christians and Jews

11:15AM - 11:45AM  

Oakland Mills High School 9410 Kilimanjaro ROad
Columbia, MD 21045

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Professor Maxine Grossman, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies, Jewish Studies Program, University of Maryland Dr. Grossman teaches courses on ancient Judaism, the Hebrew Bible, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. She also teaches about religion in popular culture, gender in contemporary religious culture, and non-mainstream religious movements. Her primary research focus is on the literature of ancient Judaism and early Christianity, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls. She’ll help us understand the importance of the headline grabbing discovery of these scrolls and the continuing excitement around them. They offer a window into Judaism and Christianity as Judaism reshaped itself and Christianity came into being during the time when Rome ruled ancient Judea. Who wrote the scrolls and why, who hid them and why, and most importantly what do they say and why do we care?