18 2019

"The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe"

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Vantage House
This event is free. 5400 Vantage Point Road
In the Auditorium
Columbis, MD 21044
240-252-7677 JGSCMd@comcast.net

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On Monday, February 18, The Jewish Genealogy Society of Central Maryland is pleased to sponsor a webinar entitled "The Changing Borders of Eastern Europe." Our speaker, Hal Bookbinder will trace a millennium of border changes in Eastern Europe and the impacts of these changes on our Jewish ancestors. An ancestral town may have been under the rule of several countries over time. Recognizing which governments were in control at various times can help in understanding the environment in which ancestors lived, events that stimulated migration, languages in which records were kept and likely locations where these records might be found. As the Russian Empire expanded west in the 17th and 18th centuries, millions of Jews found themselves within the Empire and Russia found that it needed to deal with a people it had tried to exclude for hundreds of years. Hal Bookbinder makes Eastern European history and our Jewish roots come alive.

About our speaker:

Hal has identified over 4,000 relatives, tracing two lines to the late 1700s in modern-day Ukraine. He has written and lectured widely, focusing on providing historical context to our ancestors' experiences in Europe, in migration and in America. Hal is past president of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) and has chaired a number of IAJGS conferences. In 2010 he was recognized with the IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award. Hal directs IT Strategic Finance for UCLA Health, teaches for the University of Phoenix and directs a job skills program for individuals in recovery at the LA Midnight Mission. He and his wife Marci reside in the Los Angeles area

Sponsor: The Jewish Genealogy Society of Central Maryland, Inc.