7 2021

The Book of Judges: Leaders of the Tribes of Israel

The Book of Judges: Leaders of the Tribes of Israel (Trimester #3)

The Book of Judges, the seventh book of the Hebrew Bible, describes the transition time between the conquest of Canaan in the Book of Joshua and the beginning of the monarchy in the Books of Samuel. During this period different leaders, called Judges, arose among the tribes of Israel. As we will discuss, this book views the world through the same lens as the Book of Deuteronomy and therefore is considered to have been written by the same authors (i.e. “the Deuteronomic Historians”). We will explore this worldview, one focused on divine reward and punishment. Some of the stories in this book are very short and cursory, while others are drawn out and detailed. Join us as we attempt to determine the reasons behind these narrative choices and play the role of Judge in unraveling their meanings.
Instructor: Gideon Amir

Participation in previous trimesters is not a pre-requisite for this class.

Trimester #3 begins March 7
10 Sundays, 10:30 AM-Noon
Location: Zoom Classroom
The Zoom link will be sent to all registrants prior to the first session.

Sponsor: Haberman Institute for Jewish Studies