19 2013

Jewish Film Series

8:00PM - 8:30PM  

Columbia Jewish Congregation 5885 Robert Oliver Place
Columbia, MD 21045
410-730-6044 cjc@columbiajewish.org

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Four evenings of thought-provoking, varied, entertaining films, including refreshments & optional discussion Showings: Saturdays, 8:00pm $30 for 4-film series $24 for 3-film series $17 for 2-film series $9.00 for single ticket (sold at door only) Choice of films is yours and you need not choose in advance. TICKET SALES WILL BEGIN AND DOORS WILL OPEN AT 7:30pm (If a movie is cancelled because of snow, that movie will be shown at the end of the season – May or early June. Date will be announced later if needed.) Each of the films being presented has been shown, or will be shown, at multiple Jewish film festivals around the country. Note: All films are subject to change based upon availability. January 19, 2013 The Little Traitor 2007 – English/Hebrew – 88 min. Set in British Palestine, 1947. In just a few short months, Israel will achieve independent statehood. Proffy Liebowitz is a 12- year old militant who wants nothing more than to see the imperialist forces pack their bags and head for the hills, but when Proffy breaks curfew one night, he has an experience that will forever change his outlook on life. Busted by an amiable British soldier while roaming the streets, Proffy is taken aback to find himself entering into a friendly conversation with a man he would have once sworn off as his mortal enemy. February 9, 2013 Je T’aime I Love You Terminal 2010 – Hebrew/English – 80 min. Drama/ Comedy. The story revolves around two characters stuck in Prague because they missed their connecting flights to America. Ben, a twenty-something musician from Tel Aviv, has just taken the biggest step of his life, proposing to his long-distance girlfriend. On his way to New York to meet with his fiancée, Ben meets a girl while on a flight to Prague. Emma, a girl from Manchester, England, shows no inhibition in regards to her attraction to Ben. Ben is reluctant to betray his commitment, but also begins to question it. What is he to do? March 16, 2013 Steel Toes 2006 – Canada – English – 91 min. The title is derived from the name used for combat boots worn by skinheads. The film opens in Montreal with a group of “warriors”, led by Mike who gruesomely kicks an Indian man repeatedly, for no apparent reason except racial hatred. Mike is arrested, imprisoned, and faces a charge of homicide when his victim dies. Danny Dunkelman is the court-appointed lawyer assigned to defend Mike. Danny, a Jew, acknowledges a loathing for skinheads, and it is the confrontation between Danny and Mike that polarizes the story between two men who innately hate what each represents. Danny, a committed humanist and an attorney, tries to overcome his bias by carefully preparing Mike for his courtroom appearance. Likewise, Mike begins to gain insight into the misguided life he has chosen. April 20, 2013 Nicky’s Family 2011 – Czech Republic – English – 96 min. In 1939, Sir Nicholas Winton personally, and by his own initiative, saved the lives of 669 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia and brought them across Hitler’s Germany to Britain. For nearly 50 years, he kept secret how he rescued these children. Not even his wife knew anything about it. The story only emerged in 1988, when the BBC broadcast a thrilling show about the first meeting of approximately 100 of the rescued children with their secret rescuer, about whom they had known nothing for 50 years. Today, he is often called Britain’s Schindler. Unlike Schindler, however, Winton is, still alive and well at 102 years of age, and still diffident about why he kept his secret for so long. He also is an immensely compelling symbol of how the caring of one man can truly make a difference.