10 2018

Is Judaism Really Monotheistic? A Maimonidean Perspective

7:45PM - 9:15PM  

Beth Shalom Congregation 8070 Harriet Tubman Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

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$ Cost $ 12.00

The first two commandments of the Decalogue are the primary sources for our Jewish monotheism. How do we understand the commandments? Is belief in one God all that is required to make one a monotheist? If not, what else is needed? Why does the third commandment prohibit us from making images of God? Professor Seeskin, a professor of philosophy and expert in Maimonides, will explain how these issues are more controversial than people might think. In fact, it is far from clear that we observe these laws in the ways that Rambam and other sages understood them.

Sponsor: Beth Shalom Congregation, Columbia Jewish Congregation, Oseh Shalom, Temple Isaiah