10 2020

How Three Ancient Rabbis Saved Judaism Class

7:45PM - 9:45PM  

Beth Shalom Congregation 8070 Harriet Tubman Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

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410-531-5115 x300

Join Rabbi Grossman of Beth Shalom Congregation for this exciting class "Crisis Management: How Three Ancient Rabbis Saved Judaism By Transforming It into the Judaism We Know Today." Hewish history is filled with crises and extraordinary individuals who helped navigate the transformations required to ensure Jewish survival and continuity. Rabbi Grossman will explore the contributions of Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zkkai, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yehudah Nassi who confronted sesismic challenges to their Jewihs communities with the courage, commitment and ingenuity to transform ancient Temple-based Judaism into the faith and culture we still live today.

*No previous background or Hebrew knowledge required. The class is appropriate for both beginner and advanced students.
*All are welcome to register for this class. You do not need to be a member of Beth Shalom Congregation to register.
Go to this link: to get more information and to sign up for the class.

The class will be held over Zoom.