18 2017

Genetic Genealogy: Understanding and Applying Your Test Results

2:00PM - 3:00PM  

Vantage House 5400 Vantage Point Road
Columbia, MD 21044
240-252-7677 mlbishow@comcast.net

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Speaker: Andrew Hochreiter, MEd, MIS

Genetic genealogy has emerged as an important tool for genealogists and family historians. Andrew Hochreiter is an experienced genetic genealogist who manages DNA surname projects, frequently attends professional genetic genealogy courses and conferences, and has successfully applied DNA in tracing several related family branches overseas. During this session, Mr. Hochreiter will discuss how to understand and analyze results from DNA tests and how to use the results to find family and apply the findings to genealogical research.

Sponsor: The Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington, Inc. and Vantage House.