19 2016

CJC Jewish Film Series -- The Flat

8:00PM - 11:00PM  

Columbia Jewish Congregation 5885 Robert oliver Place
Columbia, MD 21045

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Columbia Jewish Congregation's 24th Annual Jewish Film Series

Four evenings of thought-provoking, varied, entertaining films, including refreshments & optional discussion
Showings: Saturdays, 8:00pm, Room 200, The Meeting House in Oakland Mills, Columbia, MD 21045
$32 for 4-film series, $27 for 3-film series, $19 for 2-film series. ($10.00 for single ticket: Sold at door only)
(Choice of films is yours and you need not choose in advance.)

(If a movie is cancelled because of snow, that movie will be shown at the end of the season – May or early June. Date will be announced later, if needed.) Each of the films being presented has been shown, or will be shown, at multiple Jewish film festivals around the country. All films are subject to change based upon availability.

March 19, 2016 The Flat
2011– Israel, Germany — Hebrew/English/German with English subtitles – 97min. The film’s director and his family members gather in the home of his maternal grandmother shortly after her death.  They are there to clean out the apartment she had lived in for 70 years, after emigrating with her husband to Palestine from Nazi Germany in the 1930s.  Going through the place, they find various items that reveal an astonishing chapter in the family’s history that has been kept under wraps for decades.

April 16, 2016 Dancing in Jaffa
2014 – Israel – English/Hebrew/Arabic with English subtitles – 90 min. Pierre Dulaine, four-time world dancing champion, fulfills a life-long dream when he takes his program, Dancing Classrooms, to his birth city of Jaffa. For generations, Jaffa has been a divided city of two communities that continue to grow apart. Over a ten-week period, Pierre teaches Jewish and Arab Israeli children to dance and compete together. We watch their lives transformed as they confront prejudice while dancing with the enemy. Pierre confirms his belief that dance can overcome hatred and provide the first steps towards real change.