3 2015

AIPAC Briefing

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Baltimore, MD

Contact Leah Berry
(410) 223-4190

Join AIPAC for an Exclusive Club Member Briefing

From Condemnation to Cooperation: How AIPAC is shaping the international conversation about Israel

Stephen J. Schneider
AIPAC’s Director of International Affairs

For more information about this event or becoming an AIPAC Club member, please contact Leah Berry, Associate Area Director at (410) 223-4190 or email at lberry@aipac.org.

This briefing is open to AIPAC Club Members- those who contribute a
minimum of $1,800 on an annual basis to AIPAC. It is also open to all
AIPAC Policy Conference 2015 Registrants.