DAY 9: Sports

With European influences, sport in general is very popular in Israel (it is one thing to love sport and completely different thing to actually be good at it…).

Soccer and basketball are the most popular sports but in the past couple of years many other sports and athletes received an exposure: judo, tennis, athletics, rhythmic gymnastics and more.  



Health\ bree-ut\ בְּרִיאוּת



Out of the 7 Olympic medals Israeli athletes have won, 3 are in judo and 4 in waterfront sports (wind surfing and kayaking).   


This is my former gymnastics team (I’m not there in this video)- GG Ra’anana

Israel - Yes We've Got That Too!


Street workout became world trend, and it did not pass Israel. If tissue, free run, parkout and tricking actually mean something to you, you’d be happy to hear that last summer, the first and only facility opened. You can work out on your skill with the best equipment available.


Another interesting happening are independent gatherings of slackline and acro-yoga movements (see video). If sports used to be something very structured: X practices a week, professional coach etc. I personally feel that it still exists but there is some kind of shifting away from it. People can’t always commit but they’re still looking for healthy way of life and some exercise. These gatherings normally take place in an open place like parks and everyone is welcomed! Beginners or professionals- it doesn’t matter. 

The  Israel Football League was founded in the summer of 2005 by a group of Israelis, led by Ofri Becker, who wanted to play tackle American football. The first season, played without pads or an official governing body, began in the Fall of 2005. In 2007, the league began fully equipped play under the umbrella of American Football in Israel (AFI).

“Kosher football” – the games never take place on Saturday and are only held on Thursday and Friday mornings and afternoons. The league currently plays eight-on-eight football with hopes to expanding to eleven-on-eleven, due to there currently being 450 players divided up among the 10 teams. 



The Maccabiah first held in 1932, is an international Jewish multi-sport event held quadrennially in Israel. Maccabiah is open to Jewish athletes as well as Israeli athletes regardless of religion. 

The most recent Games (2013)  brought together 9,000 athletes, making it the third-largest international sporting event in the world (after the Olympics and the soccer World Cup).


  • Angela Krozy - Masada

  • Neal Green - Dead Sea

  • Robert Hurwitz - Maccabi Games

  • Matt Kaplan - Masada

  • Lynn Green - Tel Aviv

  • Gerson Kaplan - Ba'had

  • Janet and Richard Schreibstein - Jerusalem

  • Emily Kader - Kinneret

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This project was compiled by Carmel Nitsani,

Jewish Federation of Howard County 2014-15 Shlicha