DAY 3: Yom Hazikaron

Yom Hazikaron is the National Memorial Day for Israeli soldiers who were slain in battle and is a central element of the national commemoration of the fallen. It honors the memory of fallen IDF soldiers and also those who were part of the pre-state underground, members of security forces, and victims of terror.


Yom HaZikaron falls on the fourth day of the month of Iyar (from sunset to nightfall, as per the Jewish calendar), one day before Independence Day. The intense pain felt on Yom Hazikaron reminds us of the harsh price that must be paid for independence.

On Yom HaZikaron flags fly at half-mast and memorial ceremonies, state-sponsored and private, take place all throughout the country. Media outlets direct their broadcast toward issues of collective bereavement and places of entertainment suspend all activities.


In the evening, at the start of the holiday, there is a government ceremony at the Kotel (The Western Wall), while the day following sees most of the ceremonies take place in military cemeteries throughout the county.


Both in the evening and during the daytime, all ceremonies are accompanied by a siren that signals a moment of silence.



Soldier\ Cha-yal \ חַיָּל



Since 1998, Yom Hazikaron's full name is: Yom Hazikaron l'Chalalei Ma'arachot Yisrael ul'Nifgaei Peulot Ha'eivah which means “Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism”.


Soldiers Aren't Just Heroes; they are Also Brothers, Sisters, and Friends. I’d like to share with you my family’s Yom HaZikaron story.


My father’s uncle (whom I never met) was killed in 1956. Chen was born on June 24, 1935 in Kibbutz Afikim (near the kinneret, Sea of Galilee). He graduated from “Beit Yercah” agriculture-high school and in the vocational school "Shevach" in Tel Aviv. He was drafted into the army in August 1954, and completed  the paratroopers’ course. He participated in various battles and confrontations with enemy forces. On August 16th, 1956, while escorting a convoy to the southern city Eilat, his unit was ambushed and he fell in battle near Ein Yahav. 

“Soon we will become a song” is a musical project honoring the fallen soldiers of the IDF. Every year, the project selects a number of poems that were written by fallen soldiers and the victims of terror. These poems are then composed and performed by a variety of known Israeli artists. The recorded songs are aired as part of the annual broadcasts of “Galei Tzahal” (IDF radio) on Israel’s Remembrance Day for the fallen soldiers of the IDF.

Here is one song, written by Igor Drobitski.

  • Angela Krozy - Masada

  • Neal Green - Dead Sea

  • Robert Hurwitz - Maccabi Games

  • Matt Kaplan - Masada

  • Lynn Green - Tel Aviv

  • Gerson Kaplan - Ba'had

  • Janet and Richard Schreibstein - Jerusalem

  • Emily Kader - Kinneret

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This project was compiled by Carmel Nitsani,

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