Jewish Community Social Worker


Our community social worker, Michalah Hoffman, works with community partners and organizations to provide financial, emotional, and social assistance to those in need. In Michalah's dyanmic role, she offers support in several ways, including:

  • Working with the Howard County Rabbis to meet the needs of congregants who require short-term counseling or one-on-one emotional support, Michalah provides comprehensive direction for these constituents, many of whom suffer from mental health issues, severe emotional needs, or development disabilities.
  • Vetting calls to the Jewish Emergency Network. Michalah assists callers and helps determine the best resources for them, including financial and emotional. Seventy five percent of JEN calls require referrals to community resources like Kugel Connection, Neighbor Ride, and Howard County government agencies. Twenty five percent are forwarded to the JEN email list to cover specific financial needs like essential car repairs, medical bills, and utility bills.
  • In partnership with the Community Chaplain and Hospice Rabbi, assessing the emotional, social, and intellectual needs of seniors and those isolated at home. Michalah provides a supportive presence and listening ear to seniors at local assisted living facilities and private homes.
  • Designing resources that meet the needs of different segments of the community. For instance, Micahlah will be starting a support group for single parents of young Jewish children at the end of May.