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“I am very, very grateful.”

When the dentist informed 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Ilya that he needed two dental crowns, Ilya knew he could not afford the hefty fee. Insurance rejected the dental claim, yet Ilya could not eat properly. For a non-native English speaker, the process of finding assistance was overwhelming. The Federation’s community social worker, Michalah Hoffman, was there for Ilya, connecting him to multiple financial resources to cover the bill. Now Ilya and his wife, Rachel, are all smiles.


“Being able to stay in my home is important to me.”

Susan, a disabled widow living on social security funds, is a careful planner. But when her refrigerator suddenly died and all the food in it spoiled, she needed to get by until her next social security check. Fortunately, the Federation was there, arranging for someone to deliver food to Susan. Now the Federation has an entire cohort of FED TOV volunteers available to help in an emergency, and Susan feels better knowing that she’s not alone.


“I don't have to question how they will get a Jewish education.”

Providing a Jewish education for her children, Keaton, Kaleb, and Kyler, has always been a priority for Dana. As a single parent, Dana relies on the generosity of her synagogue, whose religious school scholarships are supported by funds from the Federation. These funds allow Jewish children in every Howard County congregation to access a high-quality Jewish education, no matter their circumstances.


“The sense of community is something I didn't know I needed.”

Before Sarah joined Federation-supported BBYO in Howard County, she didn’t know the impact it would have on her life. Despite moving to a new neighborhood, switching schools, and receiving an ADHD diagnosis, at BBYO Sarah has a safe space no matter what, with friends she can count on. Thanks to the Federation, Howard County can maintain three local BBYO chapters that engage teens like Sarah.

These are just a few examples of transformative moments you power through your support of Federation. With your help, moments like these will continue to change lives and build community every moment of every day.
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